Reeves: Bill And Ted 3 will be fun

Reeves: Bill And Ted 3 will be fun

Keanu Reeves is looking forward to another Bill and Ted film

Keanu Reeves reckons Bill and Ted's third adventure could be the funniest yet.
The Henry's Crime star plans to reprise his role as metalhead slacker Ted, with Alex Winter as his sidekick Bill as they try to save the world for a third outing.
"It would just be us older guys playing the characters - we'd be older and it would be funny; they're supposed to save the world and they're turning 50," he said.
Keanu has spoken to his British co-star Alex, 45, and writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon.
"You know, I've spoken and had some meetings with the writers and Alex. I don't really know any details of the plot - I know there's a lot of time-travelling," he added.
"Chris and Ed, the writers, are doing a draft on spec. They're taking it into their own hands and writing a script. I haven't seen it yet."
The 46-year-old is currently in London, preparing for his latest film 47 Ronin.
"47 Ronin is the reason why I'm in London right now. We're in training and we start filming in March. Training and the sword-fighting is going fine," he added.
:: Henry's Crime is in cinemas now.

Henry’s Crime Posters

Henry’s Crime Poster
Posted by Allan Ford 7 January, 2011
The first poster for Henry’s Crime has been released. The independent film, which is being billed as a comedy, starring Keanu Reeves, Oscar nominees James Caan, Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air), Danny Hoch, Fisher Stevens, Peter Stormare, Danny Hoch, and Bill Duke.

Reeves plays a dude named Henry who gets sent to the big house for robbing a bank, a crime for which he is actually innocent. While in the clink, he meets an actual criminal (Caan) and comes up with an almost brilliant plan: since he’s already done the time for robbing the bank, he might as well actually rob it, because, really, who would expect that?

Things get complicated, though, when he gets run over by Farmiga and ends up falling in love while simultaneously taking acting lessons that require him to don a giant fake Lenin-style beard, and…
The film is directed by Malcolm Venville who previously directed 44 Inch Chest,

Henry’s Crime, which was premiered at 2010 Toronto International Film Festival last September, does not carry a release date.

Keanu Reeves: Maybe I'm too nice

Keanu Reeves: Maybe I'm too nice

Keanu Reeves can identify with his latest 'nice guy' role
Keanu Reeves can identify with his latest 'nice guy' role

Keanu Reeves has admitted to being too nice at times.
The Matrix star plays Henry in his latest film Henry's Crime, who is described as "the nicest guy", which he found easy to relate to.
"He sometimes didn't know how to say no, and I might have been guilty of that - there's lots of examples in my youth. Sometimes you go along and you don't fight for yourself," he said.
"When I work on a role, there's the script and there's me. They kind of come together and they create a different entity," he added.
In Henry's Crime, which Keanu also co-produced, his alter-ego Henry lacks ambitions, drive and purpose until he becomes an unwitting participant in an unsuccessful bank heist and is sent to prison.
"I think I related to him, this man who wants something different, who wants to change his life but doesn't know how. Henry is a funny guy with a good heart, it goes without saying, but I also like his bravery, how he follows his convictions to move forward. I found that, in an odd way, heroic," Keanu said.
:: Henry's Crime is in cinemas from January 14.



Keanu Reeves Out and About in London 12 jan

Keanu Reeves Out and About in London 
Keanu Reeves heads back to his hotel.

( January 12, 2011 - Photo by Bauer Griffin)


Keanu Reeves is shooting in February in Budapest, Hungary

Keanu Reeves februárban Budapesten forgat
2011. január 10. 16:30, Hétfő - Szekeres Viktor

Keanu Reeves új filmjét, a 47 Ronint csak 2012-ben mutatják be, de a forgatás már februárban megkezdődik Budapesten. A 3D-ben készülő film sokak örömére azonban nem az utcákon, hanem szinte végig stúdióban forog majd.
Tavaly nálunk forgatott Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Irons, John Cusack, Selena Gomez és Robert Pattinson is, s a Magyarországra látogató hollywoodi sztárok sora jövő hónapban gyarapodni fog. A Bors információi szerint ugyanis Keanu Reeves februárban Magyarországra érkezik, hogy nálunk készítse új filmjét, a 47 Ronin-t, melyben egy XVIII. századi szamurájt fog alakítani.

A 47 Ronin, melyet a tervek szerint 2012. november 21-én mutatnak be Amerikában, egy régi japán történet alapján készül el. A XVIII. században játszódó történet szerint szamurájok egy csoportja hadjáratot indít, hogy megbosszulják mesterük meggyilkolását. Reeves a harcosok vezetőjét, Hirót alakítja majd. A rendező Carl Erik Rinsch lesz, a filmet pedig 3D-ben fogják forgatni a rákospalotai stúdiókomplexumban. "


Keanu Reeves is shooting in February in Budapest, Hungary

2011th January 10
Keanu Reeves's new film, the 47 Ronint presented only in 2012, but the shooting will start in February in Budapest. The 3D film was made many people happy but not in the streets, but then end up spinning studio.

Last year we shot Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Irons, John Cusack, and Selena Gomez Robert Pattinson is, and the line of Hollywood stars visiting Hungary next month will increase. In the Pepper's information, because Keanu Reeves comes to Hungary in February, to prepare our new film, the 47-Ronin, which is a XVIII. century samurai will convert.

The 47 Ronin, which is scheduled to 2012th presented on November 21 in America, an old Japanese story based upon it. XVIII. century story is that a group of samurai launching a campaign to avenge the murder of their master. Reeves, the head warriors, and then converted to Hiro. The director Carl Erik Rinsch will be in 3D and the film will shoot the Rakospalota stúdiókomplexumban.

CELEB GPS: Julianne Hough Does Dinner, Keanu Reeves Lives it Up in London and More

CELEB GPS: Julianne Hough Does Dinner, Keanu Reeves Lives it Up in London and More
January 10, 2011
It was a night of dinner and basketball for many of Hollywood's superstars and we have all of the glam footage in this edition of Celebrity GPS.
Everyone from Denzel Washington to 'Star Trek''s Chris Pine to 'Tron' actress Olivia Wilde to Kirsten Dunst showed their support for their local basketball team as they were just a few of the stars on hand for the Lakers game Sunday night at the Staples Center.
Another hot spot Sunday night was the posh Cecconi's Restaurant, where Ryan Seacrest's main squeeze Julianne Hough was spotted as was music sensation Drake.
Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves was seen across the pond in London at the Covent Garden and back in Beverly Hills, everyone's favorite fitness guru Richard Simmons was caught outside of his workout facility trying to convince the parking enforcement officer to take his class!
Check out the video for more from your favorite stars!


Keanu Reeves. out and about shopping in Covent Garden. London, England - 09.01.11.

Keanu Reeves. out and about shopping in Covent Garden. London, England - 09.01.11.



Keanu Reeves was out shopping at Londons Covent Garden, Jan 9

Keanu Reeves was out shopping at Londons Covent Garden, Jan 9


Keanu Reeves - a private battle-rivets

Keanu Reeves - a private battle-rivets


9. January 2011
Keanu Reeves - a private battle-rivets
(HGM) which is said you can not really describe it. After a series of action movies Matrix star Keanu Reeves tries to keep the ball down, as far as his fighting skills. Even if his fans for him an action hero keep private, he was an athletic rivets:

"I'm a really good movie-fighters, but that does not translate into reality. If they would add combat black belt, I would get the 2 Dan. But in real life? Since I can not do anything. "Whether he is driving here a little? Alone digital effects turn finally from any good action movie or fight.

Keanu Reeves with a full beard in London
Before a London hotel Keanu Reeves gives a few quick autographs ...
Image 1 of 4

Incidentally, the 46-year-old would be thrilled to see the Matrix trilogy again in 3D on the screen, as he explained in a recent interview: "It would be interesting to see what could be done with it ... It could be any Kung-Fu Moves framed in 'Matrix', that break out from the canvas. In our generation, but they bring everything new in 3D, although they still have to figure out how to use it. "



"9. Januar 2011

Keanu Reeves – privat eine Kampf-Niete

(hgm) Als Angeber kann man ihn wirklich nicht bezeichnen. Nach einer Reihe von Action-Filmen versucht Matrix-Star Keanu Reeves den Ball flach zu halten, was seine kämpferischen Fähigkeiten anbelangt. Auch wenn seine Fans ihn für einen Action-Helden halten, privat sei er eine sportliche Niete:
„Ich bin ein richtig guter Film-Kämpfer, aber das lässt sich nicht in die Realität übertragen. Wenn sie schwarze Kampfgürtel verleihen würden, bekäme ich den 2. Dan. Aber im wahren Leben? Da kann ich gar nichts.” Ob er hier nicht ein wenig untertreibt? Allein digitale Effekte machen schließlich noch keinen guten Action- oder Kampffilm aus.

Keanu Reeves mit Vollbart in London
Vor einem Londoner Hotel gibt Keanu Reeves schnell ein paar Autogramme…
Bild 1 von 4
Übrigens wäre der 46-Jährige begeistert, die Matrix-Trilogie nochmals in 3D auf der Leinwand zu sehen, wie er kürzlich in einem Interview erklärte: „Es wäre interessant zu sehen, was man damit tun könnte… Man könnte irgendwelche Kung-Fu-Moves in ‘Matrix’ gestalten, die aus der Leinwand ausbrechen. In unserer Generation erwecken sie doch alles neu in 3D, obwohl sie immer noch herausfinden müssen, wie sie es benutzen können.“

http://www.viply.de/?p=45210&comments    "